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If you are looking for a piano restorer, a pianola restorer, a piano tuner or a french polisher, you have come to the right place!

Based in Southend and established for 45 years, Essex Piano Gallery covers maintenance and restoration for Upright Pianos, Grand Pianos and Player Pianos (Pianolas) in the following:


Piano Tuning
French Polishing By Hand
Full Piano / Pianola Reconditioning & Repairs
Top German Quality Restringing
Pre-Purchase inspections

Piano and Classical Guitar Tuition

Grand Piano

We are a "Cottage Industry" with a small turnover, consequently VAT. is not charged on any service or sales. Our overheads are minimal as we work from our own purpose built workshop.

This site is designed to assist you to understand what is involved to restore a piano correctly. Full restoration can be done in stages, not necessarily all at once.

For you to appreciate the high standard of craftsmanship used in all our projects, we have placed detailed pictures showing all the aspects of some of our work throughout the site.

It is often heard that pianos before a certain age are not worth while restoring. This is however not factual as good quality pianos can be restored providing it is not infested with woodworm or the iron frame is not cracked. Concert pitch can be obtained on older pianos as long as the wrest plank (pin block) is in good condition. If not, the wrest plank can be replaced, achieving concert pitch. The piano in the above image has had a new wrest plank fitted. Modern day wrest planks are of laminated beech which is very hard and long lasting.

Occasionally we sell pianos. Please check our For Sale page to view what is available. All pianos listed are undergoing restoration.

For further information and details of cost, please contact us here, or Tel: 01702 612260. We will be pleased to advise and assist you in any way regarding your requirements to restore or tune your piano.