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Essex Piano Gallery's highly skilled piano restorer, re-conditions Grand pianos, Upright pianos and Player pianos (pianolas).

This work focuses on the piano's action. This includes attention to re-felting the hammers, levers, and dampers using high quality German felts. There are various springs to be replaced i.e. for the dampers, hammers and for levers. The lever jacks are re-graphited. The balance hammers are re-covered with leather. The cushion felts are replaced, as well are bridle tapes. We replace all the centre pins (pivots) for every moving part, bearing in mind there are 88 keys in a full keyboard with four centre pins for each key. The hammer rail and secondary rail felts are replaced. As all the parts are made of wood, they are all sanded to give a new look, and any iron frame re-gilded.

Their are different layouts for an upright piano action. This depends whether a piano is over-strung or straight-strung, over-damper or under-damper. As for a grand piano, there are two layouts of action which are simplex and roller notch.

Once the action has been re-conditioned, the keyboard can be attended to. This will involve replacing the keyboard balance felts and guide felts. Also the keys can be re-bushed and then re-leveled. If the key covers are damaged, they can be repaired or replaced weather they are ivory or celluloid. The key covers are then buffed to give a smooth white finish.

Once the action has been re-conditioned, it will need to be regulated. This involves delicate and intricate adjustments to ensure that everything functions correctly.

For any further information about restoring your piano or wish to contact our piano restorer, please click here or Tel: 01702 612260.

German Overstrung, Under Damper Upright Piano   This instrument is a German over strung, under damper piano, which has been re-conditioned for clients. All the fore mentioned work was carried out, as well as being re-strung. This piano is dated circa. 1902 and is tuned to modern day concert pitch.

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Overstrung, Under Damper Upright Piano

Overstrung, Under Damper Upright Piano