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A piano will need to be re-strung if the strings become rusty and break when being tuned, if the wrest pins (tuning pins) become loose in the wrest plank, or if the iron frame needs to be removed to get access to the sound board. If a wrest plank needs to be re-placed, we advise this to be done on only high quality pianos due to the cost.

When a piano is re-strung, we use only the finest quality German strings and wrest pins. A larger sized wrest pin is used to guarantee that the piano will hold tune. The bass strings are hand made to order.

While the strings have been removed this allows a perfect opportunity to attend to the iron frame and the soundboard, also to check the wrest plank. The iron frame can be removed and re-gilded along with the cleaning of the pressure bars and screws, and if any cracks are present in the soundboard, these can be repaired by tethering lengths of wood into them. The soundboard can be stripped and re-finished.

For any further information about re-stringing a piano, please click here to contact us, or Tel: 01702 612260.

Below are examples where this has been carried out:
Grand Piano Larger image.     Upright Piano Larger image.
Grand Piano

The soundboard being repaired
Damaged Soundboard

Wrest pins being withdrawn prior to iron frame removal
Wrestpins being withdrawn

      Upright Piano

The soundboard re-finishedRepaired Soundboard

New wrest pins and strings in place.